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Global Reach & Chapters 

The Launch Project has a vast global presence, encompassing 78 chapters across four continents.


Female Empowerment Summit

The Launch Project's Female Empowerment Summit convened over 200 in-person attendees and more online, featuring influential CEOs and leaders. This impactful event ignited discussions and collaboration toward gender equality, serving as a catalyst for change and empowerment in business, politics, and STEM.


Tangible Success Stories 

The Launch Project's initiatives, including the Female Empowerment Summit, have led to several tangible success stories. Many women have credited their ability to start and grow their own businesses to the inspiration, mentorship, and practical skills they gained from participating in the organization's events. These success stories highlight the real-world impact of the Launch Project's mission to empower, educate, and foster entrepreneurial spirit among women.


Empowering Education and Community Growth 

Through the Launch Project's Education Empowerment Initiative, we partner with communities to break down learning barriers, ignite creativity, and cultivate innovation. By gathering resources and collaborating with supportive allies, we empower the next generation to lead, thrive, and contribute to a brighter future. 



With a thriving community, there are over 3,000 members contributing to the Launch Project worldwide.


Educational Initiatives

Through workshops, interviews, design challenges, summits, and more, The Launch Project is committed to building critical skills and empowering future female leaders, regardless of their background or gender.

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Partnerships and Programs

Through our partnerships and free Entrepreneurship Certificate Program, The Launch Project creates tangible opportunities for growth, empowering the next generation of female leaders and entrepreneurs.

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