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Meet The Founders 





" With The Launch Project, we wanted to bring together our passion for mentorship, education, and social change to tackle the gender disparity that exists for girls and women in business, politics, and STEM fields. Through our programs, we hope to inspire young girls to see the limitless possibilities available to them, build critical skills to unleash their potential, level the playing field for future career paths, and build positive networking and mentorship opportunities to empower successful female leaders of tomorrow." 


Hello! We are Ariana and Sahana, sisters and the driving forces behind The Launch Project as President and Founder/CEO, respectively. Our journey began when Sahana attended a girls and leadership conference in Boston at the age of 13. This pivotal event opened her eyes to the significant influence that successful female leaders and role models can have on young girls. Motivated by this experience, Sahana, with Ariana’s support, dedicated herself to starting The Launch Project. Together, we nurtured the organization's widespread growth while merging our shared passion for social change, gender equality, mentorship, and education.


The saying, "you can't be what you can't see," captures our conviction that having strong female mentors is crucial for girls to recognize that their potential is boundless. Additionally, we aimed to address the widespread issue of limited access and funding for out-of-school programs. Ensuring that all girls, regardless of their socioeconomic background, have equal opportunities is vital and fundamental. We believe that the positive influence of successful female mentors, fostering essential life skills, and connecting girls to a supportive community are effective ways to break down barriers to empowerment for girls. This belief and mission formed the foundation and driving force behind The Launch Project.

Female Empowerment Summit Introduction Speech 
Sahana Ahuja's TEDx Talk
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