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Launch Project Female Empowerment Summit Introduction Speech 

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Bethesda Chevy-Chase Chapter 


Feature in  Indian American Impact organization in their Women Who Impact and Youth Who Lead segment.

Zoom Call with Scarlett Rocourt, CEO and Founder of Wondercurl 


Charity Bake Sale

Chapter President Meeting 

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Design Challenge Ideas 

Design Challenge Planning Phase 


Madeira Chapter

Chapter President Meeting 

Ted Talk 

This Ted Talk highlights four critical techniques for reaching girls early enough to create change and level the playing field to develop more successful future female leaders. Additionally, Sahana Ahuja discusses her quest to tackle this problem by starting the Launch Project. 

EDU Girls Gala 

Thank you EDUgirls for inviting me to speak at your gala dinner! It was an honor to speak and meet so many passionate members committed to the mission of educating girls from extreme poverty and enabling them to achieve financial independence and their limitless potential. I look forward to the Launch Project and EDUgirls collaborating in the future to create impactful change for girls in the world and eliminate gender disparities.

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Madeira Chapter Club Fair 

Hear from leading women and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 

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